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How to be smarter than your Smartphones

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In this very brief article, I would like to share something that in my opinion can encourage us not to be the slaves of our smartphones. Of course, this requires full commitment and a hard struggle since there are no simple answers. However, if you take these steps into actions, surely your life will not be enslaved by your gadgets. Even you can be smarter and wiser. You will always be in control of your own social life.

  1. Use your smartphone structurally : You must control yourself. You only use your gadget when you need or are willing to use it. Put it in a place that you think it is not easy to reach or you cannot grab them so quickly. Or leave it at home when you have to attend a social event.
  2. Tell others you are not always available : Are you one of those keeping gadgets all the time? From now on, start telling your bosses or your friend that you are not going to be with your phone for 24 hours 7 days. Let them know that you don’t want to be a gadget addicted or slave and make them aware that your availability is limited. This hopefully can change their expectation about how accessible you are at any given time.
  3. Grab stupid phone : Buying stupid phone sounds good idea. Why? It has very limited features. If you have one, you will not be busy with your gadget for many things you don’t actually need. If you need information you just find a person you can ask or talk to. And your social life will get better.
  4. Don’t enter mobile phone area : For the time being, you can get out of mobile phone range where smartphone reception is hard or impossible. Choose places where you can enjoy nature like swimming pool, lake, mountain, etc. By doing so, your health can be maintained both physically and mentally.

That’s all four ways you can get started. Be smarter with your gadgets. Do not ever let them control you.

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