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How Start to Writing

How to Start Writing

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In this a very brief article, I would like to start from a very general question that is always asked by a wannabe or a beginner writer (I am one of them). It is “how to start writing?” I am sure that all of you have been familiar with the answer or the tips. However, what I have proposed is expected to contribute very positively.
Here we go:

  1. Don’t write, yet! : What I mean here is you have to be in a place that helps you generate ideas. Don’t start writing in a middle of a crowded market. Surely, it causes distractions. Even, it takes time to write one single sentence. Find a site that you think it helps you a lot to write.
  2. Stop doing anything and focus on your writing : When you are busy with your draft, turn off your instant messenger. Don’t take a break just to check your email or texts on your phone. Any interruption might destroy your concentration on your writing. If you force to take a break, it will be far harder to return to writing a draft than it is to write it all in one go.
  3. Be well – informed : What can you write if you are not well informed or understand the topic? Choose one based on your preference. Then, think about how you start and finish it. Decide what will come in the middle.  
  4. Consider the tone of your writing : You have to make sure how your writing will make readers feel when they read it. How you introduce first sentence will determine the importance of your writing. 
  5. Brainstorm your ideas : Brainstorming can be done by extracting ideas without the need of attention to correlation or content. Just write anything coming out from your brain. 
  6. Take a rest before revising! : Starting writing can be a hard work to do. When you are done with it, you can do some editing on spelling or grammar. But remember, space some time to relax before you come back to revise. Make sure that you return to your writing with different mindset then the first time you were writing. Too much time overlooking to your work will not make you produce a fine quality work.

Hopefully, the six – way I wrote above can be of useful to you. Don’t worry about mistakes. People who never do mistakes are those who do nothing. Doing nothing can’t be of a great success. Good Luck!

By : Mr. Hamzah (English Teacher)

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