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MA Roudlotul Muttaqien Visit SMA Khadijah

Administrator@DJ | Selasa, 09 Februari 2016 - 15:20:09 WIB | dibaca: 3717 pembaca

On February 2, 2016

Our school was visited by students and teacher board of MA Roudlotul Muttaqien from Modung – Bangkalan Madura. This school trip aimed at observing and sharing experiences between SMA Khadijah and MA Roudlotul Muttaqien.

The meeting of the two schools taking place at the auditorium building was running well. Students of MA Roudlotul Muttaqien were very enthusiastic about questioning how OSIS (students’ organization of SMA Khadijah) executed and succeed all their programs, how teachers attempt to build up the students’ discipline, and so on.

There was one thing requested in the future that students of MA Roudlotul Muttaqien be allowed to stay longer at SMA Khadijah in order for them to experience the school’s daily activities. They hope they can study and learn everything at school with all students of SMA Khadijah and gain lessons that they can bring back to their school in Madura.

We think it sounds good. We are looking forward to seeing you again very soon.

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