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What does a hero mean to you?

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We might generally think that a hero is someone with super powers, someone who inspires, or someone whom we always admire because of the bravery, honesty, and kindness traits they have. We can define anything we like. But a hero is exactly the one committed to devoting the strong belief that differences must be made. A hero never fears of this. Heroes give of themselves to others for safety, goodness, and everything beyond their lives.

Heroes certainly are people with definite peculiarities like courage, honesty, and kindness at least. If people include all those things in themselves, they are called heroes. My parents are my heroes. They have given me a good education, good food, helped me in time of needs. They have done everything for the goodness of me. My teachers are also my heroes. They have transferred much knowledge to me. They helped me solve my education problems. They have entirely brought me to a better world.

Actually we can make ourselves meaningful and useful to the people around us just like our heroes in the past. However, it is not a battlefield where we belong to. We live in the age of freedom. In order to appreciate our heroes’ good turns, we struggle to carry on their fight by participating actively in building this nation’s future. We can do many things to make this nation stand up high, such as:

  • As students, we have to study and perform well at school. We learn many things at school. We are expected to use and apply our knowledge for the social interest and more importantly for this nation when we graduate. It is also expected that students will be the next leaders whose responsibility is to lead this country to the better future. Therefore, we have to work hard so that the heroes struggle will not be in vain.
  • We preserve our cultures which are the assets of this country. Preserving and protecting the national assets is as heroic as how the heroes fought in the battlefields in the past. Moreover, Indonesia needs heroes who can introduce its cultures to the entire world. The more world knows our culture the more well-known and appreciated our country is. Cultures are an identity of a country. Our country will lose its own identity unless we don’t keep it continuously.
  • Loving and using home products can also be the best thing to do. We can take advantage of buying our home products. Buying and using them, we help our nation create and increase a lot more profits. Then, the profits obtained are used to construct public facilities for people’s interest. The more public facilities built the more advanced our people will be.

Besides, buying and using local products will help the growth of home industries. There will be many industries that need more people to work. Our people, as result, will not be jobless and poverty problems will be decreased significantly.

Indeed, there are still many things we can do to continue the struggle of our previous heroes. Most importantly, we perform the best things we can. We can take parts in positive activities like joining youth clubs, environmental organizations, religious organization, and still many more. We do not have to go to battlefields to fight. Even to serve to this country, we can begin from the very simple things in our family. If all families are managed well the surroundings and the nation will be absolutely strong.

Let’s be a hero!
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